The H word

Nick Clegg’s failure to mention housing in his leader’s speech feels like a suitably downbeat conclusion to the final party conference season before the election.

As I blogged earlier in the week, on paper the Lib Dems have the best housing policies of any of the mainstream parties. A target of 300,000 homes a year, a housing investment bank and powers for local authorities to suspend the right to buy will please most people reading this. A succession of MPs, including all three of Clegg’s potential successors, made all the right noises about housing on the conference floor and in countless fringe meetings.

So does it matter that Clegg failed to use the H word?

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One Comment on “The H word”

  1. Chris says:

    The Lib Dems will vanish in the 2015 general election as they are known not to keep their promises and made possible all the cruelty to the vulnerable and poor and homelessness and starvation created by Tory rule, and for the moral theft of state pension from the poor, especially women, leaving many with nil food/fuel money for life.

    The Greens’ housing policy is at:

    The Left Unity Party housing policy is at:

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