About me and this blog:

1) I’m a freelance writer and journalist (mostly about housing and social affairs) for, among others, Inside Housing and Welsh Housing Quarterly. This blog amplifies what I’m saying on twitter @jules_birch.

2) I recently completed a doctorate – finally! – at the University of Bristol on changes in housing since the financial crisis.

3) Sport used to mean playing football but 11-a-side career now over. Badminton and golf more my thing now but still just hanging in there with 5-a-side.

4) Claim to fame No 1: I was on TV bowling to England cricket captain Ray Illingworth at the start of This is Your Life in 1972. That was the end of my cricket career.

5) Claim to fame No 2: I appeared in what was at the time the biggest loss-making film in Hollywood history in 1980. If you watch the first 15 minutes of Heaven’s Gate in slow motion frame by frame you can clearly see the back of my head twice. That was the end of my movie career.

You can contact me on jules *at* julesbirch.com


One Comment on “About”

  1. Robin Smith says:

    Good luck in your work. I’ve been engaged with Shelter. They are oblivious to primary cause of homelessness, though do superb work sheltering people. I’ve asked several of their leaders over the years if they want to know what is causing the homeless. The answer I always get is no. The most recent was more shocking “Its expedient we do not try to investigate that question Robin”. This from the CEO and a director.

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