Most popular posts 2012 Q4

These were the five most viewed posts on my blog in the fourth quarter of 2012. Best wishes to everyone for 2013.

1) Strivers and scroungers – David Cameron used housing as the divide line between Britain’s two nations

2) 10 things you may not know about the Beveridge report – Why Beveridge hated the term ‘welfare state’ despite writing the blueprint for it plus more to mark the 70th anniversary

3) End of her tether – more than just revenge for her sacking as former Lib Dem minister Sarah Teather attacks the government over the benefit cap

4) Caps, cuts and moving home – the toxic combination of welfare reform and the weakening of the homelessness legislation

5) Joining the dots on unemployment and welfare reform – why are we succeeding in getting people into work who don’t want to be and failing with people who do?


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