Starter’s orders

Who did David Cameron have in mind when he talked about the ‘vested interests’ that are blocking new homes?

Given the effort that goes in to honing a conference speech to get the messages exactly right, and the fact that the prime minister was reading from an autocue rather than speaking without notes like Ed Miliband, it seems safe to assume that he meant exactly what he said. Here’s what he told the Conservative conference this week:

‘For those wanting to buy a home, yes – we will help you get on that housing ladder…but only if we take on the vested interests, and build more homes – however hard that is.’

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One Comment on “Starter’s orders”

  1. Bill Heywood says:

    What the Conservatives forget is that in the years of the highest numbers of homes built, social housing was a large component, especially under Tory governments. To really add to supply the state needs to get back in the game to supplement the private sector. Anything else is a zero-sum game at worst, or of marginal benefit at best.

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