CIH social media conference talk

Just a quick post with the links to my talk on blogging and twitter for the CIH social media conference today (#socmed12 on twitter).

The talk is in four sections – the what, why, who and how of blogging – ending up with the impact of twitter and some practical tips.

Here are the links to the blogs I’ll be mentioning if anyone out there wants to follow them up.


The old and new meanings of blogging.

Mark Thompson writes an excellent Lib Dem blog – but the particular post in my talk is an old-style weblog.

The Huffington Post should need no introduction:


Guido Fawkes: the lovechild of Drudge and Popbitch

The variety of blogs out there – Ben Goldacre, Martha Payne and Chris Dillow:


A shameless plug for my own blogs:

Other housing-related blogs I read regularly

Not forgetting Colin Wiles for Inside Housing, Hannah Fearn for Guardian Housing and Dave Hill’s London blog for The Guardian.

People in housing: chief executives, social media, housing comms:

Tenants fighting back:

Three bits of inspiration?


Sites to get you started

Twitter – me again…


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