Popular posts Q3

These were the most viewed posts on my blog in the third quarter (July to Sept):

1) Victorian values – reflections on the legacy of Octavia Hill for housing, welfare and planning on the centenary of her death.

2) My criminal past – squatting, my own housing history and how what I did in London in the early 1980s would make me a criminal 30 years on.

3) More trouble with troubled families – a John Humphrys interview with Louise Casey got my goat but the problems with a programme based on unreliable and heroic assumptions had not gone away.

4) A lot of quid, not much quo – the continuing mystery of why the government has given housebuilders a multi-billion pound bail-out and asked so little in return.

5) Our dysfunctional housing market – or rather a non-market that is pricing out the young, undermining the welfare system and damaging the political system.

Interesting that the top three are the ones I enjoyed writing the most. Thanks very much for reading and also for commenting.



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